CHARTDISC Volume 4 (free) Christchurch indie guitar bands.

I was in Real Groovy the other day and picked up CHARTDISC Volume 4 (free). Dedicated to Christchurch indie guitar bands, it has the theme ‘Old School vs New School’, I like the idea but it does rather show that noisy sawing pop guitars really are a youthful thing – that sheer exuberance and fuck-it-all swagger gives way to something all to serious with the ‘Old School’. Chart Disc Vol. 4 Christchurch Indie Guitar Bands (Pic: inkeatsman)

CHARTDISC do a fine job in promoting Christchurch Music, starting with Vol. 1 (April 2009) Indie Bands, Vol. 2 (August 2009) Alt Country and Vol. 3 (May 2010) Downbeat, Chill. These four Volumes make an impressive collection of free music, try not to find something you like!

There are some outstanding gems here on Vol. 4, particularly Julie K by T54, Details from Transistors and Bang Bang Eche’s Fist Full of Dollars – all ‘New School’!

You can pick up a copy at all Christchurch music stores, outside of Christchurch try any Cosmic Corner, Marbecks or Real Groovy.

Outside of New Zealand listen in at or buy mp3’s from – sales going directly to the artists.

I really have taken to T54, the Transistors and Bang! Bang! Eche, all have songs available at Bandcamp or for free. They prove themselves among the best noise pop on the planet; so much talent having so much fun. Look at the song lengths (!) for the Transistors’ album Shortwave – available at

1. Pleased to Meet You 01:11
2. Two Shadows 01:47
3. Real Kids 01:55
4. Brand New Suit 01:12
5. What Can I Say? 02:38
6. Static Control 01:26
7. Fickle Hellcat 01:33
8. Caving In 02:07
9. Swings & Roundabouts 01:28
10. Shirty 01:31
11. Set This House in Order 03:32

And T54 (yes, that’s a WWII Russian tank too) have named their ep Need Any Crazy Free Shit​?​?, indeed, thanks! get it here for free

In an interview with Hayley Koorts at, Joe Sampson of T54 (guitar) shares his musical likes (really like what he says about Swell Maps and Jah Wobble):

“I’d say Jay Reatard was the one I was most excited about following, but very sadly he’s not making music anymore. There are a heap of good garage surf bands coming outta the States right now, the whole Art Fag scene, Best Coast, she’s incredible. I’ve been listening to a lot of older stuff mostly. Swell Maps are untouchable, their albums are so relentlessly abrasive and so inconceivably beautiful at the same time. The Clean, wow they’re great, really great, indescribably great, still can’t get over it. Neu! and Can for similar more narcotic reasons. Public Image because Jah Wobble rattles the windows in a way I never ever thought possible, those basslines, they’re ah pretty delightful basslines. Chan Marshall, because her music made me a lot better when things were looking pretty bleak. Her first four albums yield endless amounts of inspiration on so many levels, mostly in the simplicity, which is what I like in a big way. As always we have a lot of good indie bands. Magic Eye, Transistors, Nevernudes, Catholic Guilt, Sandfly Bay, Onanon… too many to list.”

Every interview or quote I read regarding Bang! Bang! Eche! seems to be with their tongue firmly in cheek, I don’t know what to believe!, I have a feeling they like a wind-up as much as making noise – this can be seen by the song titles on their ep: Fingers In The Till; Time Mismanagement; Beat up the Children; You’re a Jerk – you can download for free at!+Bang!+Eche!

The chorus for the rollicking Nikee goes, “…rip it up, mess it up, fuck it up, noise! noise! noise!…” Brilliant!

Cheers you lot.