Avalanche City’s ‘Our New Life Above The Ground’ free album

Avalanche City's album 'Our New Life Above The Ground'

In an earlier post I introduced you to ALASKA – one of the questions I asked them was – who is technically responsible for the outstanding recording of their music? The answer, Dave Baxter. Now Dave has his own release available for free download, Our New Life Above The Ground.

He and Alaska are more than kindred musical spirits, Alaska’s John Bristow (Drums) and Alice Crowe (Harp) both contributed to Dave’s recording session. Credits however for Our New Life Above The Ground are squarely with Dave, he not only recorded, produced and mixed it, he is a multi-instrumentalist too – playing drums, bass, guitar, mandolin, piano, tin whistle, mandolin, banjo, glockenspiel and the accordion – to name only some!

Dave has profiles on myspace and last.fm where he uses the tags: acoustic alt pop, alt folk, indie, quietcore. I like quietcore as a tag – first time I have come across this as a genre – it’s appropriate. His lyrics are introspective but Dave can allow his sense of humour to show; as in You and I:

If you were a super model

I would help you lift your bags

I’d push those paparazzi over

So you could get inside your cab

His website says “Dave Baxter has written music for TV ads, documentaries and TV shows, if you want him to write for your project, or to record, produce or play on your recording please contact him at avalanchecity@gmail.com.” Hey, a boy’s gotta eat.

You can download the album at his website and read more about Dave in a write-up with some Q&As at Josie Campbell’s neat blog, Thinking For You.

Download Our New Life Above The Ground here: www.avalanchecity.com/





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