New Zealand Indie label | Arch Hill Recordings

Arch Hill Recording's 10th Anniversary Album

Last year Arch Hill celebrated their tenth birthday and to mark the occasion they compiled the compilation ’10.’

It is available free from their bandcamp page.

Arch Hill 10 – track listing

  1. Surf City See How The Sun
  2. Street Chant Yr Philosophy
  3. Family Cactus Coal Town
  4. The Clean Loog
  5. The Bats Steppin’ Out
  6. The Haints of Dean Hall Brown Wig
  7. Don McGlashan Everything’s Broken; Life’s So Sweet
  8. Luke Buda Weekend Dad
  9. White Swan Black Swan Ode To Sergio
  10. Grand Prix Always Beginning
  11. David Kilgour Yenisei
  12. Jay Clarkson Mad Mary
  13. Mestar Konked Out
  14. Ghostplane The Straight and Narrow
  15. Pine Then I Was Left Out
  16. Fang Employee of The Month
  17. Lanky Here Come The Rains
  18. David Mulcahy Kissed Away

Without Arch Hill, a monstrous pit may well have confined some of New Zealand’s best music from the last decade to silence. The Bats, The Clean, David Kilgour, Mestar, Family Cactus – and along with numerous others – Pine, one of the first to appear on Arch Hill. I wrote about Pine here on the release of their free Books and Magazines album in September last year.

Another favourite are The Haints of Dean Hall, they also have given up their latest album Sleeper free. I have written about them here.

Following the tradition of past NZ indie labels – providing a collective for an eclectic roster of staunchly independent musicians – Arch Hill have built an impressive catalogue over the years. They continue to impress today with some of the best young bands around with the likes of Surf City, Street Chant and Ghost Wave.

You can buy from the Arch Hill website. Turntable folk will be pleased to see they love vinyl as much as the CD and mp3.

The ever expanding Free Range catalogue of albums and singles, which includes the anniversary compilation are available at Bandcamp. Infinitely more desirable than that pit of silence.

Ka Pai Arch Hill and Whanau.

You can follow Arch Hill at their website, or on: |


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