Sheep, Dog & Wolf – Ablutophobia EP

Album artwork by Sophie McBride

‘Sheep, Dog & Wolf’ released their bedroom recorded debut EP Ablutophobia a few weeks ago.

Download it from Bandcamp for free, or return the favour with a Koha (a boy’s gotta eat).

Extraordinary elements separate Ablutophobia from the Bandcamp masses:

Sheep, Dog  &Wolf is one person, 17 year old Aucklander, Daniel McBride.

He has played all instruments, drums, woodwind, brass, strings, guitars and vocals to boot.

Over the last year he has cobbled together a bedroom studio and taught himself the nuances of recording to an exciting degree.

DIY Testament
The hallmarks of a determined artist with personal vision – and all the time in the world to devote to it – are evident here:

“I composed and performed all the songs by myself, borrowing various instruments to try and live up to the ideas I had in my head – an endeavour that saw me teach myself cello and euphonium, simply because I’d decided they were essential to the song.”

Far from being a closeted homage to teen-self however, McBride has created a homogeneous set of songs, and while complex in their devoted arrangements, they have a comfy folk art appeal that remain fun to listen to as you admire his abilities. Clever.

Despite his age, this isn’t Daniel’s first musical venture, he was drummer in the now defunct Bandicoot, an energetic post-punk three-piece with great noise-pop sensibilities.

Bandicoot – Bessie

Part of the Muzai Records family, you can read an interview with Bandicoot at Under the Radar and download the Muzai compilation that features Bandicoot’s Emotional and Dirty here:–Free-Compilation.utr

There is also a great Bandicoot interview at Love NZ Music along with some neat photos here: