Amanda Jo Williams put country on my playlist

The band is Lynard Skynard’s family jamming under a big tree in the front yard, at times they settle into the band where everyone is J. J. Cale (1). Amanda Jo Williams is Bonnie Riatt’s ‘Bluebird,’ chirping like a cosmic child, as punkish as a Georgia raised Patti Smith.

I first heard Ohio from her first album Yes I Will, Mr Man. This is the song that added Country to my iTunes playlist. (I’m not counting Johnny Cash or The Broken Family Band).

“They say he lost his ammunition in Vietnam, but I could be wrong…” begins Ohio. I had an early theory that the Lynard Skynard family and Neil Young did make up, had a daughter…

Ohio from Yes I Will, Mr Man

“You sound exactly like Sandy Cheeks from Sponge Bob” (2)

In April this year she released Mary’s Big Feet, less punk, more experimental, more folky. While her character is still clearly as visible as her accent is still audible, it is her unique voice that is well remembered and talked about:

“Her squeaky voice reaches as high as she is tall, with an accent that washes her in the purity of cartoons.” L.A. Record

Homeheart from Mary’s Big Feet

Banjo Paul is back!!

I am hoping that Amanda Jo will take some of the raucous swing from Yes I Will, Mr Man and some of the craft roots from Mary’s Big Feet for the album of swaggering country and folk story-telling that the song Sick and Dying, also from April this year, suggests is possible.

In the mean-time I would settle for a live album of the in-between years. (3)

Sick and Dying

Nickel On My Back at Viva Cantina

I’m a Country Girl Live on KXLU
Not every one gets her; but that’s not new, back in 2008 after appearing on Radio KXLU’s ‘demolisten’ show, one comment said, “You sound exactly like Sandy cheeks from sponge bob.’

I’m a Country Girl
at Casa Princessa
Paul Johnson on banjo. YouTube Comment – “Banjo Paul is back!! ( : { )) >”


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