Guadalupe Plata – Spaniards in the (dirty) works

Guadalupe Plata – neighbours from hell

As much as they swim in the heritage of Elmore’s Dust on my Broom, John Lee’s Boogie Chillun and Hound Dog’s Talk to My Baby – while wallowing in Screamin’ Jay’s I Put A Spell On You – there are ZZ Top Tres Hombres era out-takes, stage props from The Cramps and a religious-like Gun Club reformation to Guadalupe Plata. They may reek of Andalusian sin, Sacred Heart guilt, ripped flamenco dresses and seedy clubs – but at home they are tourists – with a fascination for the devil’s voodoo and swamp blues; thick with bayou mud from across the Atlantic. Somewhere in-between is the common bond of sex, life, death and resurrection.

And a sense of humour.

“…Pedro de Dios Barcelo and Carlos Jimena perform a chemical experiment by mixing the rusty-water-wheel chant of Hound Dog Taylor, the darkness of Skip James, the hypnotic rhythm of John Lee Hooker and R.L.Burnside, the madness of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, the sweet sound of Tampa Red, the killer slide of Elmore James and the essence of Son House… the combustion was immediate, but the flames soared completely out of control when Paco Luis Martos, the World Grand Master of hand-carved coffered ceilings, appeared in the laboratory accompanied by a primitive bass, handmade with a zinc washtub, a wooden stick and a chainsaw string…”

You can get enough free Guadalupe Plada from their Bandcamp page to rattle your neighbours’ skulls. From the 2009, Self Titled six track, epitomized by the songs Baby me vuelves loco – blown along with the heated breath of brass – and the irreverent prayer Jesus esta llorando (Jesus is weeping).

From 2011 there’s a 13 track Self Titled album; bigger, brighter, filthier, funnier. A ‘Plata’ lined reward to their tormented obsession.

In February this year they teamed up with Walter Daniels to create psychobilly versions of Married Woman by Frankie Lee Sims, Gun Club’s Black Train and Hound Dog Taylor’s She’s Gone. Daniels also howls with trademark vox and harmonica through Suicide’s Ghost Rider –  like an Alan Vega phantom – reborn as Martin Rev’s mutant synth / drum machine.

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