Parquet Courts – Music Hall of Williamsburg

455Parquet Courts – Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, 2nd October 2013

Parquet Courts are playing Auckland’s next Laneway (27 Jan 2014). I was lucky enough to see them a couple of weeks ago on their home turf; Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg. Following some extensive US touring and European festival circuit appearances this must have felt like a homecoming for the band – as much as celebrating the release of their new EP Things That You Broke – which may explain the extensive set list (‘Other Desert Cities’ from 2011’s American Specialities) and the furious pace of the show to fit it all in (yet still managing to including a sonic 10 minute version of ‘Stoned & Starving’ aka ‘we’ve got an anthem and know how to use it’).

‘Other Desert Cities’ followed by ‘Master of Craft’,  ‘Borrowed Time’ and ‘Donuts Only’

Parquet Courts Trivia

Parquet Court’s Vocalist / guitarist Andrew Savage is one half of Fergus & Geronimo whose Unlearn from 2011 is an all-time acid-pop favourite. Parquet Court’s Austin Brown joined Fergus & Geronimo to tour Unlearn. The other half of Fergus & Geronimo, Jason Kelly, knocks around with Brown as The Keepsies.