Since 2006 Paul Luker has been compiling the Khaki Literature bibliography: New Zealand in Print during World War II. www.khakiliterature.com

1979 – 1982 Photo-lithographic apprentice, New Zealand Newspapers Ltd, Auckland.

1982 – 1983 Photo-lithographer, Chas Davy & Sons Ltd, Auckland.

1983 – 1985 Dog’s Body, Rip it Up music magazine, Auckland & Cha Cha fashion magazine, Auckland.

1979 Publish Empty Heads music fanzine.

…the first era of punk in New Zealand in the late 70s and early 80s produced surprisingly few fanzines. Empty Heads was the first. It was edited by Paul Luker, a provincial boy from Mount Maunganui, (photolithographic apprentice and punk enthusiast) who’d later come to prominence with ‘Phantom Forth’, a mid-80s ‘Flying Nun Records’ act, his own ‘This is Heaven’ and the well-packaged and sourced ‘Industrial Tapes’ tape imprint. Empty Heads’ tidy layout, complete with clear photos and post-punk orientated interviews indicated editorial promise…

Mysterex magazine, Ha Ha Ha Publications 2000 & K Peak Publications 2003 ISSN 1175-6772.

1980 Begin writing and reading poetry.

1981 Publish Book, C’rupt – a collection of poetry 80/81.

1980-4 Bass guitar with the band Phantom Forth.


1982 Publish booklet, Civil Cost Ltd – seven poems.

1982 Arts Council Grant toward a national poetry tour with John Pule.

…John Pule and Paul Luker are two poets in the guts of the modem tradition. Pule’s work is impressionistic, emotive and vivid. All passions are heightened… Luker’s poems are lighter and freer. There is a sense of wonder in them. His observations of life are astute yet delivered with a sensitive touch. They’ve just completed a tour of the country together – in Dunedin they packed out a coffee-bar three nights in a row. John is the aesthete; a garland of hibiscus on his brow. Paul is the hitch-hiker with stars in his eyes. Real stars…

Rotorua Daily Post 1982

1982 Release of Phantom Forth 12″ record (Flying Nun Records).

1983 Phantom Forth Night Time Falls on The Last Rumba – Various (Flying Nun Records)

Ink Eats Man photo: Industrial Tapes Auckland Ne Zealand1983-1985 Establish Industrial Tapes.

…Industrial became the biggest factor in last years (local) cassette release boom…

Russell Brown Rip It Up magazine

1983 Release of This is Heaven cassette tape This is Heaven.

Industrial’s first release and a good one too. A rather harrowing series of ‘songs’ that make fascinating if not comforting listening. Luker hasn’t been scared to experiment with sound and has left himself a lot of territory to explore…intensely personal…

Rip It Up magazine.

1984 Release of This is Heaven cassette tape Above.

…No.12 in his laudable Industrial Tapes Series. Subject: himself…audio verite and found sound meet rhythm machine to produce an escalating short story of sound that satisfies…

Chris Knox Rip It Up magazine.

1985 Contribute book/tape Albert Northee to ANZART group book exhibition, Auckland City Art Gallery.

Ink Eats Man photo: Industrial Tapes Auckland Ne Zealand

1986 Release of This is Heaven book/record 200 Variations (Flying Nun Records & Industrial Tapes).

…as the name suggests there are 200 33rpm 7″ inch records, each with a package including a screen printed cover, a 40 page book of common and unique (to the 200 variations) pages. The music is lovely, gently distorted and rather mysterious…

Russell Brown Rip It Up magazine.

1986 New Horizons, William Dart, Radio New Zealand, broadcast of Industrial Tapes catalogue.

Ink Eats Man photo: Industrial Tapes Auckland New Zealand

1986 Arts Council Grant toward solo exhibition of books, RKS Art Gallery, Auckland.

…these books are very inventive, paper made from Kauri leaves, mounted on it are Polaroid Photographs, themes such as Grafton cemetery and how we see the farming landscape are created with wry humour. The books make an intriguing collection…

T. G. Mc Namara New Zealand Herald.

…the books by Paul Luker are delightful – a tonic for jaded senses. They are droll, witty, sensitive and intriguing. They are hard to describe adequately – pages of handmade paper/material, on which are sewn photos and treasures. The books Pukehina Beach, Papamoa Beach and Arahaki Lagoon capture the essence of the places delightfully: The Bone Shiners is a photographic look at Grafton cemetery with poetic narrative to McNab and Mason, monumental masons – a gem. Industrial  volumes one, two & three have excellent photography of common materials taken from very unusual angles; and Real Estate, a collection of photographs with typical estate agent descriptions give a chortle a page…

Inner City News, Auckland.

1986 – 1993 Photo-lithographer, Bayscan Ltd, Tauranga.

1990–92 Contribute book Ketetahi to ‘Crosscurrents’, group touring exhibition, University Art Gallery, California State University.

…the photos here are enmeshed with an environment, concentrating on water and all its ramifications in one of the most beautiful environments in the world. This oversize bookwork is an experience, a journey into another part of the Pacific Rim…

Crosscurrents, bookworks from the edge of the Pacific, exhibition catalogue, Umbrella Associates.

1993 – 1996 Photo-lithographer, Crossfield Pagination. Mac Operator., MH Group, Auckland.

1996 – 2007 Sun Pagination, Mac Operator, Meadowset Graphics Ltd, Auckland.

1995 Create a series of light-hearted books for retail at Texan Art Schools, Auckland.

1997 Join the band ‘hip’ as guitarist.

1999-01 Trustee for the ‘Loose Arts Trust’, specific role as designer for Loose magazine, a b/w 80 page publication equally divided between: writing, arts, comics and commentary.

2002 Contributor to ‘Sound Design’, the British Council and AUT, group touring exhibition.

…the making of the covers for the single (200 Variations) was a labour of love, driven by the ‘fascination with process’ …strangely these covers present themselves as a cross between, one-off kit-set throwaway and precious art objects. Lowbrow punkish production meets gallery wall, with the complexity of construction belying the carelessness with which they seem to have been created…

Sound Design, an exhibition of music graphics from the UK and NZ, exhibition catalogue, New Zealand Design Archive 2002 ISBN 1-877314-03-X

2005 “The story of Industrial Tapes’, broadcast of Industrial Tapes retrospective. Simon Coffey, Radio 95bfm, University of Auckland.

…Industrial Tapes formed an important part of the underground development of New Zealand punk-edged bands…

Promotional Poster, Students Association, the University of Auckland.

2006–current: Currently compiling the Khaki Literature bibliography: New Zealand in Print during World War II.


  • Two collections of poetry held at the Hocken & Alexander Turnball library & various regional libraries
  • Various recordings held by the National Library and various regional libraries.
  • Set of Industrial Tapes held by the Auckland City Art Gallery library, and various regional libraries.
  • Book Papamoa held by the Elam Arts School library, the University of Auckland.
  • Book Ketetahi held by College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.A.
  • Various recordings held by the New Zealand Design Archive Phonographics collection.
Ink Eats Man photo: Industrial Tapes Auckland Ne Zealand

Ink Eats Man photo: Industrial Tapes Auckland New Zealand

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Paul–

    I have a clean copy of Rumba and do professional digitizations on the side, so I took the liberty to digitize the Phantom Forth song there, and to clean it up. I can give you a high-res unmastered version that somebody could still play with, or a remastered version.

    I was struck, while listening to it, by how similar it sounds to some things by an English band called the Disco Zombies did after they put out their records. I was just involved in reissuing the band’s material with Acute Records (acuterecords.com), and those later live tracks were done as free downloads. You can check one out here:


    Go down to the tracklist and download section and check out “night of the big heat.”

    You might also enjoy the Happy Refugees LP we’ve just done; there are a couple of free Refugees songs on their Acute page.

    write me if you want the dropbox links to the Rumba track.

    cheers, Michael

    • Hey Michael
      It sounds great, thanks, have sent you an email… the Happy Refugees are brill; Hamburger Boy “..please don’t die on the sidewalk, it’s so embarrassing…” altogether now “Hamburger boy’s gonna die on the sidewalk…” they must have been neat live.

  2. Hi there …. very excited to find this blog. I have been trying for a while now to get the original Phantom Forth MLP and wondered if you could point me in the right direction … my email is… Michael

    • Hi Michael, Matt ‘kentuckyfriedwave.blogspot’ has ripped and posted it. He says “..there might be a chance that the pitch is a bit faster than it should be… an older 70s direct-drive.” It is, but I kinda like it. He sent a copy of our song on the Last Rumba that I didn’t have, sweet. I’ll post that on this page. Am compiling an Industrial Tapes archive to post 2013, Industrial’s 30th.

      • Hi Paul
        Thanks for the tip about getting hold of the Phantom Forth MLP, I really enjoyed it. You mentioned you were planning to put together an ‘Industrial Tapes’ archive this year sometime. Is this still on the cards? Are you planning to re-release any of this great-but-impossible-to get-hold-of material? Thanks. Glenn W

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