TEEN FORTRESS | New album – Learning – released 7 December

A tweet tonight from BANG BANG ECHE –  of just a URL – was all I needed to spike my curiosity. This is the band that along with T54 and the Transistors are the standouts on this years Chart Disc Vol. 4 – New School vs Old School (Indie Guitar Edition) produced by ChristchurchMusic.org.nz.

I wrote about Chart Disc Vol. 4 back in September here.

The link is to a FilterMagazine.com page (Cheers) announcing the upload to Bandcamp today of an album by TEEN FORTRESS Bang Bang Eche’s Zach Doney. This followed tweets earlier in the day from TEEN FORTRESS, you can follow and find out some inside information here twitter.com/teenfortress

You can download the album, Learning (Everything Has To End For Some Reason I Don’t Believe It) at Bandcamp or at the TEEN FORTRESS website.

I’m a great fan of Bang Bang Eche, and this bonus from TEEN FORTRESS has me smirking with good fortune. Cheers to Doney and his excess of energy. I love this kind of noisy carry-on. If you have heard Bang Bang Eche you will be familiar with Doney’s brash, reckless delivery and punkish attitude. Like Bang Bang Eche it is a sound that can verge on chaos but one that is elevated by its youthful swagger and sheer talent.

Teen Fortress – It’s Summertime, Let’s Only Go To Festivals